If you’ve been jumping into BitLife recently then you might have noticed a new option under the relationship menu. It’s called Elope, which not everyone is familiar with, so I figured I’d clear it up for people. This is a nice new feature that BitLife added, especially with the Baby Mama Challenge underway right after the patch!

When you’re in a relationship with someone in BitLife, you can go under their menu and you will find the Elope option. If you were to select it, you are asking your significant other to get married without going through a more traditional wedding. It’s basically a quick way to get married, without having to get engaged or pay for a wedding. This is a commonly done in places like Las Vegas, Nevada in real-life. You can basically go have a drive-through wedding, and you do it just the two of you without involving many family members!

In BitLife, you’ll generally have a hard time getting people to agree to being eloped. To have a higher chance, make sure you have a high relationship level by keeping them happy. You will also want them to have a high Crazy stat and a low Willpower stat. Crazy you can see before you decide to get in a relationship with them, and Willpower can be seen if you have God Mode available!

That’s really all there is to know about getting eloped! If you want to get married quickly then it’s going to be one the better options available to you.