When players get the Discomfort moodle in Project Zomboid, it means that they are mildly injured. Discomfort is also the first stage of the Injury moodle that players will get when they take damage in Project Zomboid. 

Players will usually get this moodle if they get a slight injury, from scratches, carrying too much, or other mild injuries. Players can get Discomfort from being sick, and in this case, they can remove Discomfort by doing the following.

  • Getting Rest
  • Eating Well
  • Staying Warm or Cooled 
  • Avoid carrying too much. 

However, getting Discomfort from being sick can also be caused by the Zombie Virus, and in this case, there is no cure.

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In other cases, like for injuries caused by lacerations and wounds, there is no direct way of removing Discomfort. The only way to get rid of Discomfort is to heal any wounds the player may have by bandaging. Over time, as the players recover, they will eventually get rid of Discomfort and the other stages of being Injured.

But if players get Discomfort from carrying too much or falling out of a building’s second floor, lowering carry weight or resting for a while will help get rid of Discomfort.

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