Dislyte is a turn-based RPG in which you pull Espers through a gacha system. These characters will then create your squads, and you will use these against PvE and PvP content. Each character has its own set of stats, including AP. AP stands for Action Points, which can be confusing, so you may be wondering what AP means in Dislyte.

Action Points determine the turn order in Dislyte. An Esper’s speed stat passively generates AP as the battle progresses. Higher AP allows you to act first, which can be extremely important in Dislyte.

How to get AP in Dislyte

There are multiple ways to get AP in Dislyte. You can increase an Esper’s AP through the use of Relics. The Astral Witchcraft and Wind Walker Relics increase your Esper’s speed and the passive generation of AP.

Many Espers have abilities that increase either speed or AP. These are vital for ensuring you go first, so be sure to read each Esper’s abilities and Captain Ability if you are looking for a speed boost. Some Espers can reduce your opponent’s speed and AP.

How to read the Action Bar

The Action Bar is located at the bottom of the screen. This shows you the acting and upcoming Espers who will take their turn. This does not take into account an Esper who is stunned. There are two different ways to view the Action Bar. The default view can be changed by using the following steps.

  • Click the cogwheel while in battle.
  • Go to Battle Settings.
  • Select Switch AP Display Mode.

This will make it easier to read the Action Bar and see the exact turn order. While the default setting is fine, it can be hard to read with multiple Espers having the same or close AP.

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