One of the new items that arrived in the update Minecraft caves and cliffs part 1 is the lighting rod, but what exactly is the thing used for? Well, for starters, its main purpose is to divert lighting away from objects. For example, if you placed the rod on top of a wooden house, it will in turn prevent the house from being set on fire. Pretty nifty right? 

Well, it doesn’t end there, you can also use the lightning rod in some Redstone creations, albeit limitedly. This is because in order to use the lighting rod to power something like a Redstone lamp, lighting will need to hit it. 

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It also can only be natural lighting, as any other lighting source will not power the lighting rod. That being said, if you want to get yourself some lighting rods, you will need to make them with three copper ingots inside a crafting table. 

However, if you don’t know or don’t have copper yet, you can get it by mining it underground and melting it down inside a furnace. After that, you can then make a lighting rod by putting the copper in the middle row all the way down the table.

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