Riot Games tactical FPS Valorant features two teams in a matchup where each has a specific objective. The attacking side will have to plant the spike at spike sites to successfully win the round. The defenders have to stop the attackers by holding them strategically at each spike site. 

Both sides have five players each, and either team spawns at the opposite ends of the map. The attackers and the defenders’ spawns are colloquially known as T and CT. The terminology passed down from Counter-Strike where T and CT respectively stood for terrorist and counter-terrorist.

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Every map in Valorant will have these two spawn locations for attackers and defenders which players will commonly refer to as T and CT. Since the fundamental mechanics of Counter-Strike and Valorant are similar, players often use the same terms to communicate in-game.

The attackers’ side is referred to as T, whereas the defenders are commonly known as CT. This line of terminology is common with weapons too, where the Sheriff in Valorant is often referred to as the Deagle. While the technical in-game term for these two spots is attackers and defenders spawn, T and CT are more acceptable for communication.

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