Skulls on enemy health bars indicate an enemy higher than your current Gear Level in V Rising. You will usually see skulls on Stone Golems and other various hulking creatures. If you find yourself crossing paths with skull enemies, the best thing you should do is avoid them or run away. 

Doing so will ensure you don’t get murdered, as skull enemies will be nearly impossible to kill. You will also barely damage them if you choose to attack, so the best thing to do is to avoiud poking the bear. You should focus on leveling your Gear Level as fast as possible instead. You will eventually reach the same level as high-level enemies as you raise your Gear Level.

How to kill Skull Enemies in V Rising 

To kill Skull enemies, you will need to raise your Gear Level in V Rising. You can raise your Gear Level by making better armor, weapons, and accessories. Doing so will increase your level by a certain amount depending on the item made. That said, the following items will raise your Gear Level to 20.

  • Copper Spear, Axe, or Mace: 16 Copper and 12 Planks.
  • Full Set Plated Boneguard Armor: 60 Animal Hide each.
  • Blood Rose Ring: 80 Plant Fiber, 30 Blood Rose, and one Bone Ring. The Bone Ring requires 40 bones to make.

Once you reach Gear Level 20, you should focus on slaying bosses and crafting even better items. Eventually, as you raise your Gear Level higher through crafting and unlocking better items, you will be able to fight enemies such as Stone Golems and Trents.

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