There is much to discover in Tunic’s world. The game is left open for the player to explore and interpret as they see fit. This may lead to many questions about mechanics and items. One item that you may be wondering about is the Golden Coins in Tunic.

Golden Coins are an item you can find as you explore the world in Tunic. When you equip and use the item, the fox will flip the coin in the air, but nothing else happens. To use the Golden Coins in Tunic, you must use them near a well.

What does the Golden Coin do in Tunic?

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When you use the Golden Coin near a well in Tunic, the fox will toss the coin into the well. A beam of light will shoot into the air, but nothing else seems to happen. That is because you need to throw three Golden Coins into wells before their effect activates. When you throw enough Golden Coins in wells, you gain a new slot to equip charms.

There are many Golden Coins to find in Tunic, and the extra charm slots they provide are a great bonus. So keep an eye out for Golden Coins and wells to throw them in while you are exploring Tunic’s mysterious world!

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