There are many things to do in Tunic as you explore and discover the secrets of its mysterious world. Along the way, you will face deadly monsters, solve puzzles, and collect items. With so many items, you might be confused about what some do, including the fruits in Tunic.

There are two types of fruit in Tunic: red and blue. These restore HP and MP respectively when you use them. So these are good items to keep on hand for when you are in a pinch.

What does the red fruit do in Tunic?

The red fruit will restore a portion of your HP. Unlike potions, these do not refill after resting at a statue. Once you use a red fruit, it is gone, so you should think carefully about when to use a fruit versus a potion.

What does the blue fruit do in Tunic?

The blue fruit will restore a portion of your MP. There are not many ways to regain MP, so hoarding this fruit is a good way to regain your MP back quickly. Magic attacks can be quite powerful, so use them and blue fruit wisely.

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