With the addition of the mangrove swamps biome, frogs have been added to Minecraft. These lovable little amphibians add so much in the way of life and diversity to the popular survival sim. Even better, unlike many other critters to be found, frogs have a diverse diet that can yield different effects depending on what they’re fed. Let’s put on our khaki ensemble and take a peak at the cute little buggers.

What to feed frogs in Minecraft

Frogs can eat three different items as of version 1.19: Small Magma Cubes, Small Slimes, and Slimeballs. Small Magma Cubes are bouncy hostile mobs that spawn exclusively in the Nether. Much like a Slime, killing a larger one will cause it to split in size, up to three times. Frogs will eat the third and final size. Small Slimes can be found in swamp biomes at night. Reducing it to its smallest form will provide sustenance to your new pet. Killing a Slime entirely will yield Slimeballs which can also be fed to your aquatic companion.

Feeding a Small Magma Cube to a frog will produce a froglight block. The color of the froglight will be similar to the color of the frog that produced it. Feeding Slimeballs to a pair of frogs will put them in breeding mode. Just make sure to have them breed near water so they have a place to lay their eggs!

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