Scarlet Nexus drops tomorrow and the gameplay videos that have been released, may have players wondering which difficulty setting to choose for the ultimate Brain Punk experience. No worries, we can guide the way!

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What Difficulty Level to Choose in Scarlet Nexus?

The highly anticipated Action RPG, Scarlet Nexus has gamers on the edge of their seats for its release. From the game’s trailers, to the demo gameplay videos that have been released, it’s obvious that Scarlet Nexus has some pretty intense combat scenarios for players to challenge themselves with. Whether players choose to experience the game on easy, normal, or hard; allow us to offer some peace of mind with this guide on what difficulty level to choose in Scarlet Nexus.

There is no need to be nervous or indecisive, when choosing what difficulty level to start Scarlet Nexus at. The game will allow players to change these settings, at any given time, to match their skills and comfortability. Another plus to being able to adjust the settings is, there are no trophies or rewards given, based on difficulty settings to miss out on. So, start on easy and adjust, as needed; or start on hard and dial it back, if combat becomes too much of a challenge.

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Here’s a bit more help, in a visual sense, to gain a better perspective of Scarlet Nexus’ gameplay. Check out this gameplay clip from the demo, with the difficulty level set on hard.

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