Picking good crewmates has a lot to do with the crew’s race in Trigon: Space Story. Some races are better at certain specializations, and you need to consider the type of diet you consume.

Best crew for Trigon: Space Story

If you can trade a crewmate for someone whose race matches the specialization better, trade them, regardless of how high their level is.

  • Captain – Pilot of Any race
  • Hyperdrive Operator – Taertikon 
  • Weapons Operator – Taertikon 
  • Shield Operator – Taertikon 
  • Warrior – Rakkhi
  • Engineer – Etari
  • Engineer – Etari
  • Engineer – Etari

The system operators need to be Taertikon because they don’t breathe air and don’t need to eat. Since these machines can fix any issue without oxygen problems, you can remove the air from these areas when they catch fire. You can make them pretty indestructible if you give them Nano-machines.

The Rakkhi are Warriors capable of dealing with intruders or teleporting to other ships. Their fighting skills are among the best in the game. Engineers should be Etari because they can handle themselves in a fight and have enough health to last when fixing fires. Engineers are essential supporting roles, and it is better to have an Etari on hand as a spare crew member than any other race.

We don’t have a Medic because it’s not a very important role, and the Medbay can provide any healing.

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