With huge queues, server outages, and error messages that have blighted Final Fantasy XIV players during the initial release of Endwalker, many have struggled to play the game. Luckily, even as player’s patience has been pushed to the limit, Square Enix has attempted to make amends with compensation.

This compensation has been made in the form of 14 days of free game time. This will be given to all players with an active sub, regardless of whether they have Endwalker or multiple accounts.

Originally, Square Enix had offered players seven free days of game time to players prior to the official launch of Endwalker. This was due to the huge amounts of congestion that occurred around the time of the game’s early access, which meant many struggled to play the game for the first seven days of it’s release.

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Now, with congestion worsening, players have now been given up to 14 days free game time. This was revealed in a blog post by Naoki Yoshida, the games producer and director, on the official Final Fantasy XIV website. This news of additional free game time came along side the shock announcement that Square Enix was pulling the game from sale and restricting the free trial. All this, in an attempt to reduce congestion and improve the experience of the game’s current subscriber base.

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