At the beginning of Chapter Three in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, players will be faced with a seemingly difficult choice that will force them to sell either Groot or Rocket to Lady Hellbender.

Whether the decision was made to sell Groot or Rocket, the final choice will ultimately change the outcome of Chapter Four in a few ways.


Screenshot via Square Enix
Screenshot via Square Enix

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If players chose to sell Rocket, Lady Hellbender will refuse the offer and laugh. No dialogue will change the negotiations and the team will have to fight their way into the vault to steal the money.

If the choice was made to sell Groot, the offer will be approved. The amount of money to be made from this heartbreaking negotiation will depend on the dialogue. Follow this guide to how to get the most units from negotiation: How to negotiate with Lady Hellbender in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Chapter Four

Don’t dwell too long on making the sad choice to sell Groot, because the team will get their beloved member back later on in the game. The paths chosen may be unique, but they will lead players to acquire the same Guardian Collectibles and Outfits, in different locations. Selling Groot is just safer.

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