Copper is a new resource in Minecraft, that has a lot of items that can be made with it, as listed below.

  • Lighting rod
  • Spyglass
  • various building parts

You can make a lighting rod with three copper bars placed in the middle row down. This lighting rod can then be used to divert lightning strikes during thunderstorms and other things such as powering Redstone creations. 

Now for the spyglass, you will need one copper bar and one amethyst shard that you can obtain from geodes. Geodes in Minecraft are small areas that are madke up of around three levels that can be found both on the overworld map and underground.

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You’ll know when you found a geode when you have found an outer layer of the block tuff. Inside the inner layer, past the tuff blocks, is where you can find the shards in the form of an amethyst cluster pictured below.

An amethyst cluster is the fourth stage in an amethyst growth cycle, and it is the only part where you can get shards from it. That said, you can get the shard with a stone pickaxe and above. 

Once you got the shard, place it inside a table with a spyglass, and you can then make a spyglass in Minecraft. The spyglass can be primarily used zoom in on an area you want to look at.

After the spyglass, that’s about it with what you can do with copper in the game. Although, you can also build various building blocks with copper. To do this, you will need a stone cutter and place blocks of copper blocks inside.

When placed inside a stone cutter, you will get a prompt to make various types of building parts. That said, you can make the blocks of copper that the stone cutter requires by filling an entire crafting table with copper ingots.

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