In Darkest Dungeon 2, players must form a party of four would-be heroes and traverse a dangerous landscape. Along the way, they will face unknown perils and overcome treacherous obstacles as they attempt to survive and reach the mountain. There is, however, a way to reveal the dangers of the road. This is to find and encounter Watch Towers.

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Watch Towers can be a huge help to players. Activating one will reveal all encounters on the map for that region. This makes it easier for the player to plan their route and manage their resources better. The earlier the player encounters the Watch Tower, the better they can plan, so it is worth seeking it out as fast as possible.

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Another benefit of the Watch Tower is it reveals how dangerous a path is. Those that are green are less likely to have ambushes and cultists waiting on them. Blue paths are all but certain to have an ambush lying in wait. This is important information because a particular encounter a player wants to go towards may have an unsafe path.

Knowing which paths to take and which to avoid are crucial for surviving in Darkest Dungeons 2. There are many different types of encounters on the road, and it only takes one to ruin a player’s run.

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