In MiHoyo’s Otome game Tears of Thesis, players will debate with opponents as they progress through the story and collect rewards. One of the main rewards players will want to stack up on in ToT, are Visions.

Trade in those Tears of Themis rewards for Visions and use those Visions to manifest Character Cards for debates. Use one Tear to draw one Card or use 10 Tears to draw 10 cards.

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Screenshot of Tears of Themis gameplay

The more Tears of Themis that are spent in each draw, will guarantee players with rare picks, in the form of SR and SSR Character Cards. These Character Cards are used to debate with in ToT. Collect as much Tears of Themis rewards to build the ultimate deck of Character Cards that will weaken the defense’s debates, to absolutely nothing!

We covered the Beta Testing for Tears of Themis and got a head start on the Otome game, before it’s release! Get a better look at the characters in the game by checking out our Tears of Themis Character Guide.

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