While Stray is about a lost cat trying to return to its family, many other elements are present. Once you fall into the cybercity, you begin to explore and discover the various locations, Companions, and Zurks. The latter are small and adorable creatures that are not what they seem, and you may be wondering what exactly Zurks are in Stray.

Zurks in Stray, explained

The Zurk in Stray are man-made bacteria that were intended to eat garbage. When humanity fled into the city, they grew tired of seeing their own trash, and the Zurk was created to dispose of this. Unfortunately, this did not work out according to plan.

It is not explained if the Zurk were responsible for humanity dying out or if they grew out of control after humanity was gone. Regardless, the Zurk adapted and soon began to eat anything and everything—trash, metal, and flesh. This makes Zurk a danger to both robots and cats, and the Companions sealed themselves into a section of the city to hide from the Zurk.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

While the Zurk prowl the city, they are largely contained to certain areas and are more heavily encountered in the sewer. This location features a terrifying and perhaps mutated form of the Zurk. Here, the Zurk are not just their normal appearance, but also a hivemind-like mass of flesh of eyes. Regardless of their form, you want to avoid Zurks at all costs.

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