In FromSoftware’s latest masterpiece Elden Ring, players must understand several new concepts before exploring the Lands Between. Players will come across two different checkpoints in Elden Ring: Sites of Grace, and Stakes of Marika. 

Stakes of Marika is one of the unique features introduced in the game, and they act as alternative checkpoints that allow players to respawn. This checkpoint mechanic becomes pertinent after players are eliminated from the game. 

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If players are eliminated in combat then they are revived at the last Site of Grace that they visited. However, if players perish near one of the Stakes of Marika then they’ll get a choice to respawn at the same location. These checkpoints do not offer fast travel, and the previous Stake Of Marika disappears as soon as players find a new one. 

Essentially, Stakes of Marika are simply checkpoints and do not allow players to level up, equip magic, replenish Flasks, and so on. Players will find Stakes of Marika close to bosses, and this allows them to return to the fight quickly after getting eliminated. These are found all around the map, near various dungeons, and are relatively closer to objectives than a Site of Grace.

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