Roblox has multiple partnerships with toy companies like Hasbro and Jazwares to bring consumers physical toys from their favorite games. Perhaps the best part about these toys is that every toy includes a virtual code that can be redeemed for items in the video game, including the Roblox Arsenal Nerf gun. So what are the virtual rewards?

The Roblox Arsenal Nerf gun (aka the Pulse Laser Motorized Dart Blaster) includes two virtual items: the Dart-Warrior skin and the Foam Blade 3000 melee weapon, according to developer ROLVE. These items can be equipped in Arsenal and they look pretty sweet as a premium bonus.

Every Roblox toy comes with a virtual item code within the packaging and this is how you’ll receive the Dart-Warrior skin and the Foam Blade 3000. However, you will need to redeem the code on Roblox in order to receive these items in Arsenal.

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Follow these steps to redeem your Roblox toy code:

  • Locate the virtual item code within the toy packaging
  • Using a web browser, head over to the Roblox Virtual Item redemption page
  • Enter your code in the text box
  • Press redeem to receive your free reward

You should receive a confirmation message after redeeming the code. Then, head over to Roblox Arsenal and equip the Dart-Warrior skin and Foam Blade 3000 within the Locker menu.

Image via Hasbro

The Roblox/Hasbro partnership was formed between both companies to create Roblox-themed Nerf blasters inspired by the most popular Roblox games on the platform. The Roblox Arsenal Pulse Laser Motorized Dart Blaster is available for $30 in the U.S. from major retailers like Amazon.

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