Deep in the Heart’s Domain is the Queen, one who seemingly looks like Laty. After defeating the Giant Shadow, she’ll start asking you questions about how well you know your companion, appearing to spare you if you’ve answered them correctly.

However, they are all trick questions. All the correct answers to the Queen’s questions are not part of the choices given. You’ll realize this once you get to the third question, where she asks who Laty hates the most.

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Like most choices in Voice of Cards, none of them affect the main story. Of course, there are some that do skew the narrative in some minor way, like giving the woman in the dangerous perfume you found in the South Isle and not destroying the monster’s egg before you leave the forest near Fenmoss.

The choices might make things harder or easier, but none of them will truly change the ending you get.

After the events at the Heart’s Domain, you will temporarily be unable to go back. The pacing will pick up too, so be sure you’re armed with the best weapons and armor you can obtain.

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