Lots of gamers and other entertainment-based creators look into Twitch as a source of secondary or full-time income, but bans can make that impossible. To avoid being banned, streamers will need to understand the hard and soft rules of Twitch. Though a frustrating thing in the past, Twitch has begun releasing more specific reasons as to why specific streamers have been banned.

Copyright Claims

One of the biggest reasons that a majority of content creators are being banned is for their copyright strikes. Twitch, much like Youtube, can take down videos and streams that contained content owned by someone other than the streamer.

This includes things like music, and images. Creative Commons is a good place to start when someone is unsure as to what is allowed and what isn’t. People can end up getting banned if this type of activity is continuous or repeated.

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Inappropriate Content

Another reason that streamers can be banned is if their content is inappropriate. This type of content includes, but is not limited to: bullying and harassment, hate speech, sexually explicit images or links, violence, etc.

Even if the streamer themselves isn’t conducting this kind of behavior, they can be banned if their chat participates in the behavior. This is why having moderators is so important. As stated previously, even links to this type of content can get streamers banned. Streamers should avoid linking to any sites known specifically for adult content, such as OnlyFans.

Accidental Bans

Even with a more advanced website like Twitch, streamers can still be mistakenly banned. This could be due to a mistake on the streamer’s part, a misunderstanding, or a mistake on Twitch’s end. Streamers like Sweet Anita have been repeatedly banned for mistakes on their part.

She specifically suffers from tourettes, and often says inappropriate phrases without intention or the power to hold them back. Others have accidentally had sexually explicit content linked or leaked through a stream unbeknownst to them. For these sorts of situations, Twitch streamers are usually able to appeal to reinstate their account.

In any case, always be careful with what information is put out onto the internet. Whether intentional, or not, these types of situations can be career ending. No streamer wants to quit their favorite gig over something trivial.

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