Riders Republic is a fast-paced extreme sports game and features a ton of content. Players can participate in races, trick battles, stunt challenges, and more while unlocking new gear and outfits. There are also some friendly faces to meet, and they talk a lot. But there is one thing that they don’t tell you.

You may have joined a mass race at some point and seen some pink arrows on the ground during one of the races. If you see these arrows, you should try and go over them as they act like speed boosts. While it isn’t the biggest boost of speed, every little bit helps, especially if you find yourself having just crashed or lost a lot of speed.

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Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

These pink strips of speed seem to be limited to mass races and particularly to sections where the player is on skis. The game doesn’t mention them, so they may be in other modes. Though mass races are a good place for them, it is extremely easy to crash with so many racers.

When you find yourself in a mass race, try and keep an eye out for these, as they can be hard to spot when moving at high speeds. Keep your eyes peeled for them in other modes as well, just in case they make an appearance.

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