Those wanting to wield guns in an MMORPG are already well catered for in Lost Ark. You can be a wild west-style Gunslinger, a heavy weapons Artillerist, a rogue-like Deadeye, or a stealthy Sharpshooter. But if that wasn’t enough, or exactly what you were hoping for, get ready for the Machinist advanced class. Below we’ll show you the Machinist skills and engravings in Lost Ark, which you should include in the late September 2022 patch.

Lost Ark Machinist advanced class: All skills and engravings

The Machinist takes the Gunner class in a new direction, wielding high-tech gadgets as its main form of attack. It will be able to use drones for unique attacks that can strike all over the battlefield doing devastating damage. Its four categories of attack will be normal, drone, combo, and sync.

Normal Skills

Drone Skills

Joint skills

Sync skills

Awakening skills

Class engravings

Evolutionary Legacy

Arthetinean Skill

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