While exploring Sumeru, you may discover gold, glowing flowers on certain cliffsides. Since the purpose of these flowers isn’t directly explained, it may seem as if they are purely added for decoration. However, these glowing flowers have a hidden mechanic that is a godsend for players who love exploration. Here is the true purpose of the glowing flowers on Sumeru cliffsides.

What are the glowing flowers on Sumeru cliffsides in Genshin Impact?

What is the purpose of these glowing flowers?

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These flowers are used to restore stamina to the player, helping them reach the top of the cliff without trouble. To activate them, simply climb over them, and your stamina will be restored. While they do not restore your entire stamina bar, they do provide a considerable boost. These flowers are often found in a line, suggesting a potential path to the top of the cliff. They can also be found on the surface of tall trees in the Apam Woods.

These flowers are only located in Sumeru and mirror the purpose of Four-Leaf Sigils: easier exploration. With these stamina-restoring flowers, we can now traverse the world freely, eliminating the need for frantic food consumption. The advent of Sumeru is a love letter to players who enjoy discovering every nook and cranny of Teyvat. With these flowers and Four-Leaf Sigils, Sumeru is inviting the curious to engage in spontaneous expeditions, basking in the freedom of easy traversal.

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