Leveling up weapons and unlocking attachments is the most tiresome thing to do in Call of Duty: Warzone. Since the best weapon attachments are usually unlocked at higher weapon levels, players are compelled to put in time upgrading them.

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This guide discusses the best, most efficient, and fastest ways to level up guns in Warzone. Before we start with the methods, here are some quick tips to note:

  • Use Double Weapon XP tokens if you have any. The best time to upgrade weapons is during Double XP weekends which take place often.
  • While doing contracts, prefer Supply Run over any other. Once this contract gets scarce, switch to Recon and then Scavenger.
  • Top Secret contracts give you the most weapon XP, but they are risky since you may get Most Wanted out of them.
  • Use Pointman as the second perk as it skips one contract bonus level for you.
  • Playing with friends makes leveling up weapons way faster than doing it solo.

Level Up Guns in Rebirth Island

Contract bonus increases the amount of XP you get after each contract is completed. However, these bonuses are only applicable in regular Battle Royale and Rebirth Island game modes, not in Plunder. Since you can redeploy after dying in Rebirth Island, it’s the best level up method so far.

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Furthermore, you can purchase at a cheaper cost and within the first minute of the game. With the map being small, Supply Run’s objective buy stations are marked extremely close to the contract, sometimes just within 20 meters. Keep the points mentioned above in mind and start the grind.

Level Up Guns in Plunder

Although not the best method out there, it sure is the most used one. Contract bonuses don’t apply and it takes considerable time to complete contracts. That being said, it is best for solo grinders as you they redeploy indefinitely. A few things to keep in mind are:

  • While playing solo, select the Don’t Fill squad option before starting a match. This reduces the respawn time and doesn’t reset you respawn location.
  • Grab vehicles, preferably Helicopters, as soon as you land to speed up the process.
  • Prefer Top Secret over other contracts as they give you 750 weapon XP. Every other contract gives 500 XP each.
  • Do as many contracts (Supply Runs) as possible during Overtime. The last three minutes of the Plunder match gives you 750 XP for each contract instead of the usual 500 XP.

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