Fall Guys took the internet and gaming community by storm and remains a popular multiplayer title. With any success come what most would call clones, including Stumble Guys. With both titles appearing to be the same, you might be wondering what the differences are between Fall Guys and Stumble Guys.

Fall Guys vs. Stumble Guys – Differences

While both games bear many similarities, there are some inherent differences between the two. We have compiled a list of differences between Fall Guys and Stumble Guys, which you can find below.


First and foremost, the most obvious difference is the platforms both titles are available on. While Fall Guys is on both PC and consoles, Stumble Guys is exclusive to mobile. Being a mobile game sets the two apart and affects many mechanics and features of Stumble Guys, giving it more of a freemium feel.

Game Length

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One of the biggest differences is the length of a game in Fall Guys and Stumble Guys. With its mobile nature and smaller roster of 32 players, Stumble Guys offers much faster matches. Each round eliminates players faster as well, ensuring that you can play numerous games in one sitting.


As a mobile game, Stumble Guys handles monetization a little differently. While both titles are free to play, they offer microtransactions. Both titles feature in-game currency, free and premium, that lets you purchase cosmetics. But Stumble Guys incorporates spins, a gacha mechanic, and a paid ad-free mode as well. 

Both titles feature a battle pass, but Fall Guys is completely free and rewards players at each tier. Stumble Guys divides rewards between free and premium, requiring you to purchase the premium version of the battle pass. So while both games use microtransactions, they use them in slightly different ways.


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Stumble Guys is a mobile game and certainly has that look about it—not to say it looks bad, though. While Fall Guys opts for its characterized beans, Stumble Guys skins offer various different mediums. Fall Guys has a more polished and well-rounded appearance and features more diverse courses than its mobile counterpart.


Fall Guys offers more game modes to enjoy as well as a grab button, which Stumble Guys does not have. Without this function, there are fewer options, and gameplay can be considered more simplistic. This, in turn, leads to most game modes and courses in Stumble Guys being a simple run to the finish line with little deviation.

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