There are many exceedingly random locations to adventure through and a massive selection of missions to complete, in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. In Chapter Six, players will find themselves at an alien space station, that was made from the heads of some gods. Yeah, no big deal.

While exploring this godly space station, players will have the option to join their team and go inside a bar, before leaving to find a former friend. Inside the bar, a character named Lipless will ask players to sing a song with them.


Screenshot via Square Enix
Screenshot via Square Enix

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Join the alien for a sing-a-long to obtain the Collector’s Emporium Ticket, which is a costly item with its usual price set at 5000 Credits. Fumbling the lyrics to the song, will cause players to miss out on the highly rewarding prize.

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Choose the lyric options, Like a hurricane and Through the rain, in order to walk away with the Collector’s Emporium Ticket. This is honestly a pretty easy way to save a lot of Credits and it won’t have any effect on the storyline, later in the game. It will just grant players a free visit to the Emporium, while they are on Knowhere.

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