Loop Hero features many different items, upgrades, cards, and more as you progress through a seemingly endless time loop. One card is the Swamp card that allows the player to place a Swamp tile down on the path. But players may be wondering how to get this card, what it does, and if it is any good.

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You will need to build the Herbalist Hut to unlock the Swamp card. Swamp cards will spawn a Mosquito every three days, reverse the effects of healing except for potions, and slow the hero down. Of these effects, the only good ones are the changes to healing and the reduced hero speed. Like real life, Mosquitos suck.

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How to use Swamp cards

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The main appeal to placing Swamps is to take advantage of the reduced hero speed and adverse healing effects. If you put a Swamp near a Vampire Manor, all enemies’ vampirism effects will damage them instead of healing them. This affects you too, so if you intend to use this technique, discard any equipment that provides vampirism.

But the best aspect of the Swamp is the reduced speed. Slowing down your hero may not seem like a good idea, but it has many benefits. Slowing down your speed means more days will pass, which in turn spawns more enemies and lets you gain more equipment.

The second benefit comes in your regeneration ability. If you have gear that gives you life regeneration per second, slowing down your movement lets you get a little more time to regenerate before the next fight and have more health.

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