Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an asymmetrical 7 vs. 1 survival game where players are chased by Dragon Ball Z villains like Cell and Frieza while trying to escape. Players trying to escape have some tools at their disposal like vehicles, Dragon Balls, and Spirit Siphons.

Spirit Siphons are character powers that can be used in games by powering up. Spirit Siphons contain the power of one Dragon Ball Z character that grants players their super attacks, costumes, and forms when powered up. You can assign three levels of Spirit Siphons to your character, which are used to determine the powers you receive each power up.

How to get Spirit Siphons in Dragon Ball: The Breakers

Spirit Siphons can be purchased in the main lobby on the right side of the area near Trunks. Spirit Siphons can be purchased with Zeni, TP, or Tickets. Tickets are most likely given as event currency, but that may be subject to change after beta.

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After purchasing a Spirit Siphon, you can equip the power, in the lobby pause menu by going to Battle Settings. Here, your Dragon Change levels can be customized with different characters, super attacks, and costumes.

How to Use Spirit Siphons in Dragon Ball: The Breakers

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Spirit Siphons are used during Dragon Changes in gameplay. To achieve a Dragon Change, you must power up your character by finding power cubes around the map. Your power level is displayed in the bottom left corner and after reaching 1, Dragon Change becomes available. You can then Dragon Change using the powers from your Spirt Siphons.

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