In Naraka: Bladepoint there are numerous weapons, items, and upgrades scattered throughout the map. One of the most important items you can collect is Soul Jades. These items affect your playstyle in various ways and the player can carry a certain number. This number can be upgraded by the Darktides Shop.

There are five different types of Soul Jades as well as several different levels. The levels of Soul Jades can be no color for common, blue for rare, purple for legendary, and gold for epic. The five types of Soul Jades are ranged weapons, melee weapons, item, move, and buffs.

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Each melee and ranged weapon has Soul Jades that affect how it plays or gives it a buff to damage. These can also grant healing effects when attacking an enemy. Item Soul Jades can speed up the time it takes to repair weapons and armor or the time it takes to appeal a healing item. They can also prevent an item from being consumed or attach dodge rolls to using them.

Move Soul Jades affect how the player moves. These can alter or buff characters dodge roll, speed up their climbing ability, or even silence their footsteps. Buffs Soul Jades affect the player’s stats. These include buffs to health, damage dealt, and damage resisted. Rarer buffs include being able to heal while using the rest emote, regaining armor upon felling an enemy or granting a damage boost at low health.

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