As one of the new builders arriving in town, you will have your hands full in My Time at Sandrock. Your goal is to rebuild the town’s reputation while completing requests from the townsfolk. As you do this, you may spot a scorpion that appears out of nowhere—these are Shiny Scorpions. Shiny Scorpions are random drops you can find when breaking down junk piles or scrap piles. They will flee from you when they spawn, and they are not aggressive. After a few seconds, they will disappear into the sand.

How to get Shiny Scorpions in My Time at Sandrock

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When a Shiny Scorpion appears in My Time at Sandrock, you will have a limited amount of time to catch it. You will need to chase after it and press the interaction button, E, to gather the Shiny Scorpion. This will capture the elusive creature and add it to your inventory.

What to do with Shiny Scorpions

When sold, Shiny Scorpions are worth 60 Gol, which makes hunting them a great way to farm currency in My Time at Sandrock. Unfortunately, while they are worth a lot, this isn’t a reliable way to farm for money since they appear randomly. But you should always be prepared to chase after a scorpion if one appears while you are breaking down materials.

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