Riders Republic is definitely not short of events for you to participate in. For those of you who have been watching all the crazy Red Bull races over the years, this is just like that, but even more intense! With that said, The Shackdaddy Bandits aim to take it one step further…

The Shackdaddy Events are matches that appear on your map like any other in Riders Republic, except they are chaos x100 and set by the Shackdaddy Bandits. Like regular skiing? How about skiing on just wooden boards… Thinking you could go faster? Here are some rockets attached to you while you race!

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If bombing down a mountain on a bike in a Giraffe onesie wasn’t good enough, the Shackdaddy Bandits are mayhem in comparison, and it’s great!

They will also dish out daily challenges in Riders Ridge, so your wacky and danger-filled races can get you even more money to spend in the shop as well as XP to level up. These challenges are Pay-To-Enter, so you will have to complete some other matches to fund your participation.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Players will unlock these challenges shortly after completing the introduction to the game; they unlocked for us once we had earned more than 20 Stars, so do a few races after the intro, and they will be inviting you to join them in no time!

These guys are crazy but definitely awesome and fun to watch and play with! We mean, are we correct in thinking that we all want to go down a snowy hill on a sofa now? Not endorsed or promoted, by the way…

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