In Naraka: Bladepoint, the player is tasked with surviving the encroaching shadow while defeating 59 other players. They can traverse the land, collecting weapons and upgrades as they try to be the last standing warrior. In addition to items the player can find, they can also come across scrolls.

Scrolls take the form of floating scrolls and will task the player with completing a quest. These quests can range from bounty hunting to completing objectives. Completing these scrolls will award the player items, experience, or currency. Each objective on the scroll will place a marker on the player’s map.

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Bounty scrolls will task the player with defeating another player. Typically it will choose a close-by player and show a red circle on the map where the player can be found. Other scrolls task the player with completing objectives. One of these requires the player to ring a nearby bell by attacking it. Another will send the player to a shrine and ask them to pray in front of it. A third may require the player to open a particular treasure trove that is normally locked until the scroll is gathered.

Players can only have one scroll equipped at a time and must either complete it before collecting another or let that scroll expire. Scrolls are an excellent way for players to make the most of their time in-game, especially when traveling to the next safe zone.

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