Scathe combines fast-paced bullet-hell FPS gameplay with the aesthetics of Hell in the vein of Doom Eternal. This means you fight various demons and use different weapons to decimate them. But wiping out the forces of Hell isn’t the only thing you can do in Scathe. There are collectibles to find, including Runes. This may leave you wondering what Runes are in Scathe.

Runes are collectibles scattered throughout Scathe’s levels. They appear as small pillars with swirling orange lines around them. You can find them in many places as you play, but they are often tucked away in some corner or out the way.

What to do with Runes in Scathe?

Initially, Scathe doesn’t give you much information about Runes, nor does picking them up make their purpose immediately apparent. But these are used to open boss doors. You must collect specific amounts if you want to challenge Scathe’s bosses.

Should I collect Runes in Scathe?

Yes, you should absolutely collect and pick up Scathe’s Runes. These are needed to open boss doors, which you must defeat to collect Hellstones. As collecting the Hellstones is the game’s primary goal, you will need to collect a lot of Runes to proceed.

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