Until the Cosmicube Update in Among Us, you had only three paths when you begin a game: Imposter, Crewmate, or Ghost. These were the Roles in the game, each of which had a different objective to win a round. After the Cosmicube Update’s trailer was posted on YouTube, which adds a plethora of new Roles to the game, people are wondering exactly what these Roles are and what we can expect from the new ones.

While there is no exact definition of Roles in Among Us, it’s easy to explain what they are. Roles are the type of character you are. Crewmates try to survive and Imposters try to eliminate the crew. While before the update being assigned a Role was akin to assigning a Team, there are now different types of characters for each team.

Role List

Here is the list of Roles now available in the game and what makes them unique.

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  • Original Roles
    • Crewmate: A normal character with no special skills. Must complete enough tasks or vote off Imposters before they eliminate everyone.
    • Imposter: A character that looks like the Crewmates, but can eliminate them. Must eliminate all Crewmates before they complete their tasks or votes them off the ship.
    • Ghost: A character that has been killed by the Imposter. They can float around and see what is happening after their death, but they cannot communicate with the living Crewmates.
  • New Roles
    • Scientist: A special Crewmate that has access to all character vitals and can check them at any time. Wins with all other Crewmates.
    • Engineer: A special Crewmate that can use the vents, which is something only Imposters could do originally. Wins with all other Crewmates.
    • Guardian Angel: A special Ghost that is on the Crewmate’s side. They can cast a protective shield on living Crewmates to stop the Imposter from eliminating them. Wins with all other Crewmates.
    • Shapeshifter: A special Imposter that can disguise themselves by morphing to look like any other Crewmate. Wins by eliminating all Crewmates before they complete their tasks or vote them off the ship.

That’s all there is to know about the Roles in Among Us!

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