Winter has come to Aeternum as New World begins its Winter Convergence Festival. Meet the Winter Wanderer and discover new holiday traditions during this limited-time event. But you might be wondering when this event starts and ends.

The start date for the New World Winter Convergence Festival is Dec. 16, 2021, and the end date is Jan. 11, 2022. This gives players a few weeks to uncover the new mysteries of the island and participate in themed events to unlock unique rewards.

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Players can earn Winter Tokens from quests to earn new armor, weapons, and more. This event has also changed the island of Aeternum, and some changes will be permanent, such as Ice Caves that have appeared.

While New World has had its ups and downs, this is the first event for Amazon’s MMO, so players should absolutely check it out and help stop the Winter Warrior. Take a look at the New World Winter Convergence trailer below!

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