Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak introduces several new mechanics, abilities, and of course, monsters for players to fight during their time in this meaty expansion. Players will have a new monster category to fight in this expansion for Monster Hunter Rise. During the Monster Hunter Digital Event, Capcom unveiled Master Rank Monsters, but what are these creatures?

Master Rank Monsters are a more robust and challenging version of existing monsters from the base game of Monster Hunter Rise. Not only do these creatures have stronger attacks, but these monsters will have new moves that make fighting them a greater struggle.

Master Rank Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Alongside the announcement of Master Rank Monsters, Capcom revealed that Aknosom’s Master Rank version would feature a new backstep and somersault attack to boost its ability to enact combos on the battlefield. The Tigrex, on the other hand, can combo its bites into spin attacks in its Master Rank. Many original monsters will have new twists when Master Rank Monsters debut alongside the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion.

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