Legendary mods are a new material in Fallout 76 that can be used to upgrade non-legendary weapons into legendary ones with three variants of legendary mods. These variants come in the form of up to three stars, and depending on which mod you use, you will add several legendary effects that will match the number of stars.

Along with this, you can also use legendary mods to reroll effects on legendary items and even bump a legendary item to a higher rank. That being said, how do you even get these legendary mods? 

In short, you will need to get your hands on legendary modules and cores. After this, you will be able to craft legendary mods to upgrade your various non-weapons or armor into legendary items, and so on. 

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Legendary modules are a resource that was already in the game prior to the Steel Reign update, which added legendary mods and cores. Nonetheless, you can get them from a mole miner merchant over at the Rusty pick shop located in the ash heap. Via this merchant, you can gain both legendary cores and modules for a small price in scrip.

Scrip is a special currency that you can earn from exchange machines located at train stations that will let you trade in legendary items for currency. You can also earn scrip from daily ops, daily quests, and events.

That being said, once you have the scrip, you can then get both the cores and modules you need. You can also earn both materials through daily ops, quests, and events as well, so there’s always that option. But once you get both legendary cores and modules, you can then use them to craft legendary modules by entering a weapon or armor station menu and switching to modify.

After this, you can make legendary mods by clicking on the mod slot on your item, and then clicking on one of the three options for legendary mods. Doing so will then upgrade that said weapon or armor into a legendary one. You can also do this to reroll, and upgrade existing legendary weapons.

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