Darkest Dungeon 2 shifts away from the Estate that was the central hub in its predecessor and instead sees the player lead a party on a hellish road trip to a distant mountain. The player will encounter all manner of horrors and obstacles on the way to this mountain, including lairs.

Lairs can be seen on the map, and so players can avoid them if they so choose. Lairs are the epitome of roguelikes, offering high risk and high rewards for those who seek them out. Players should think carefully before tackling a lair as they can very easily kill one or more of their party members.

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When a player encounters a lair, they will battle a series of monsters in waves. After they defeat a wave, they will receive their reward and be shown what rewards are in the next wave. They can then continue or escape the lair. Each wave will offer more and better rewards.

The player cannot preview what enemies they will face in the next wave, so it is entirely random, making it a gamble. Additionally, the player receives no time to heal or recover in any way unless they decide to escape. This makes lairs a bit of a marathon, and a player should consider how deep they want to travel in a lair.

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For more information on Darkest Dungeon 2, All Changes in Darkest Dungeon 2 and Darkest Dungeon 2 Devs make an announcement alongside the sequel’s Early Access debut on Pro Game Guides.

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