The DioField Chronicle sees you commanding the Blue Foxes, a mercenary group full of interesting characters. As you progress, you will come across various materials, weapons, and more. This includes Jade Crystals. This may leave you wondering what Jade Crystals are and how to get them in The DioField Chronicle.

What to do with Jade Crystals in The DioField Chronicle

Jade Crystals are a rare resource that is used to upgrade your Magilumic Orbs. This will increase the power of your summons, allowing you to decimate the enemy even better than before. You must go to the Institute to upgrade your Magilmic Orbs, and the amount of Jade Crystals needed will vary based on the orb you wish to upgrade.

How to get Jade Crystals in The DioField Chronicle

Jade Crystals are hard to come by, so you will not have access to them until you upgrade your shop. Your shop must reach rank five before it starts selling Jade Crystals. You can purchase these for 30,000 gold. You can also obtain them from treasure chests, but this is a finite amount.

You will need to grind a good bit of gold before you can start upgrading your Magilumic Orbs consistently and to their max level. Make sure you are completing all objectives during missions to increase the amount of gold you earn.

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