With release of Patch 6.2, Final Fantasy XIV players finally have a chance to enjoy the new Island Sanctuary mode. And there are quite a few rewards and some new currencies to earn. One of these are the Island Cowries, a secondary currency on the Island Sanctuary. Here’s how to get Islander’s Cowries in FFXIV Island Sanctuary.

How to get Islander’s Cowries in the FFXIV Island Sanctuary

Islander’s Cowries are a currency you can earn in the Island Sanctuary. And there’s currently only one way to get them: by selling goods and produce to the Enterprising Exporter NPC.

Once you’ve constructed the Cozy Cabin, you can talk with the Enterprising Exporter to start selling items you’ve harvested from your own island. Most materials will only sell for a few Coweries, but more advanced products, such as those produced by animals, seeds, or at the Workshop will yield far more.

What you can spend Islander’s Cowries on in Final Fantasy XIV

You can purchase Glamour Prisms and Dispellers, crafting and gathering material, and cordials with Islander’s Cowries. This makes them a little less appealing compared to Seafarer’s Cowries. However, it’s speculated that in the future, the Islander’s Cowries will be used to upgrade your Island Sanctuary and continue your industrious efforts. 

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