All four leading male protagonists in Tears of Themis has his own unique Invitations and backgrounds that display different interactions. If players fancy Marius over Luke and would like to see those violet eyes, displayed on the Main Screen of their ToT homepage, they’ll need an Invitation.

Screenshot of Tears of Themis gameplay

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Those charming interactions displayed on the Main Screen of the ToT homepage, are Invitations. Players will receive a new Invitation upon completion of each Episodes of the game. There are currently five Episodes to complete in miHoYo’s newest highly addicting otome game, but there are many different Invitations to obtain from each leading male character; Luke, Marius, Artem and Vyn. Players will receive the Invitation, Study Hour when starting the game; and are able to complete Episodes in the Main Story to obtain new Invitations or purchase Beautiful Invitations at the malls limited-time packs.

To change the current invitation, players can open their profile by tapping on the upper left corner of the main screen. Check the name of the current Invitation on the right side of the profile screen and click on the exchange button on the right side of the Invitation name to change.

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