The Halo series is known for its gripping campaign and thrilling multiplayer. Part of what makes this multiplayer, so fun is the various game modes. Halo Infinite features game modes like Slayer, SWAT, Oddball, Capture the Flag, and more. But some game modes classic to the Halo series are absent.

Two important and extremely popular game modes missing are Infection and Grifball. Those new to the series may be wondering what these modes are and why they are so popular.

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What is Infection

Infection originated as a custom game mode in Halo 2 called Zombies. Since then, it has become extremely popular and appeared in most Halo games. In Infection, one team consists of zombies who use swords while the other team is human players who typically use the shotgun and pistol.

Each game of Infection starts with a smaller number of zombie players. Their goal is to kill and infect all the human players, making them zombies. The human players’ goal is to survive and remain human until the end of the round.

What is Grifball

Grifball traces its origin back to the popular series Red vs. Blue. The game’s premise sees two teams trying to pick up an explosive ball and score it in the opposing team’s goal. Each player is equipped with a gravity hammer and energy sword. Upon picking up the ball, the player immediately turns orange.

The reason for this color change is the game’s origins. Grif wears orange armor, and the premise of the game is to kill Grif as Sarge, the Red Team leader, hates Grif. Even upon successfully scoring the ball, the player/Grif is killed by the explosion.

Currently, these two popular game modes are not in Halo Infinite. Additionally, other game types were not included at the launch of Halo Infinite, including SWAT, another popular game mode. Hopefully, 343 Industries will add both Infection and Grifball into the game in a future update.

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