If you wonder what Hive Guardians are in Destiny 2, they are a new type of enemy featured in the Witch Queen expansion. Hive Guardians are warriors of the Witch Queen Savathun who are similar to Light Guardians.

The similarity between Hive Guardians and regular Guardians of the Light is that they have abilities that mirror their Light counterparts. The reason that their abilities mirror so closely is that they also have the power of Light.

This is because Hive Guardians were apparently created using Light stolen by the Witch Queen. This fact explains their strikingly similar abilities, but that is not the end of it, as Hive Guardians also have Ghosts.

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These Ghosts are called Hive Ghosts and seem the same as the ones Light Guardians use. Hive Ghosts also prevent Hive Guardians from dying, thus making them a foe to be feared in Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion.

But how Hive Ghosts will play out in the expansion is yet to be seen. We imagine players will need to kill the Hive Ghosts to kill Hive Guardians permanently. It would make the most sense for Hive Ghosts to exist in this function and would turn the Hive Guardians into mini-boss fights

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