To find hideouts in Tribes of Midgard, you will need to locate them inside the smokey highlands region in the game and by their unique cave marking via the mini or main map.

If you don’t know what this icon is, you can check via the map legend on the right of the game’s main map, and it will be a special cave icon with a slight difference from the underground cave icon. 

That said, before you can get into the smokey highlands, you will need to make either heat resistance potions or make armor with several points into the fire element. 

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What are Hideouts in Tribes of Midgard?

Hideouts are special in-game locations that players must clear for a special item called the Hideout fragment. Players will need to use this fragment among several others to unlock the lair of the final boss of the game, the saga boss, also known as Fenrir.

But before they can reach this point, it’s highly recommended that players raise their power levels as the smokey highlands is one of the most dangerous biomes in the game (think valheim swamp but hot, very hot).

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