In Darkest Dungeon 2, the player must guide four would-be heroes through a dangerous land and towards a mysterious mountain. Players can select these four heroes from a roster of characters that each have their story and motivations. Keeping these characters alive is a primary goal for the player, as a single death could spell ruin for all.

One way to increase their odds of survival is to hunt down Hero’s Shrines. These are encounters the player can find on the map. Should they make it to one of these shrines, they will gain the ability to upgrade a character. This includes getting a mastery point and learning a new skill.

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The mastery point can be used to power up a skill while the skill learned is kept for each future run. Another thing the player unlocks is a bit of back story for that character. This is a piece of their past that tends to be rather tragic and a motivation for why they are on this journey.

The player’s party consists of four characters, and each one of those has five different back story pieces that can be seen at shrines. Combining that with the permanent ability unlock, it can be difficult to decide which character to send to the shrine. Players can either send their favorites or try and spread this out to increase all of their characters’ options.

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