Zenith: The Last City is a VR MMORPG with a vast and rich world to explore. Players will create their characters and guide them through this world, leveling up and learning new skills. Both of these actions are tied to Godstones in Zenith: The Last City. This may leave players wondering what exactly are Godstones.

Godstones are the abilities that players unlock as they level up. As the player levels up, they will acquire more Godstones. These can be equipped in the Godstone menu, and players can have one active in each row at a time. Godstones can be upgraded in the Soul Forge menu to the right.

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As the player gains experience, so too do their Godstones. As a Godstone levels up, it can be upgraded with additional stats. These reduce cooldowns on abilities, increase its effectiveness, and more. Read each Godstone’s description and experiment to find the best combination for you.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the different Godstones as there are a lot. Take your time and try them all out against weaker mobs before making a decision!

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