Zenith: The Last City is an interesting take on the MMORPG genre as it is in virtual reality, igniting comparisons to Sword Art Online. It features an open-world full of unique regions to explore and discoveries to make. One thing that players will need to understand and use is Godstone Gestures.

Godstone Gestures are how players use their class-specific abilities. These require a specific motion to use, so players will need to learn these gestures to use them effectively. Godstone Gestures will use a classes MP meter, rage for Blade Masters, and mana for Essence Mages. Players will need to let their MP recharge and wait for the cooldown before using them again.

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Godstone Gestures are the main way of dealing damage in Zenith: The Last City. Each class has unique abilities that can be used. You can see what movement is needed in the Godstone menu for each ability.

It is crucial to learn these gestures as they are the primary tool for each classes’ kit. You cannot simply wave your arms around to use your abilities, so practice your Godstone Gestures!

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