Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO with seemingly endless content for players to partake in. While it’s possible to do a significant part of the game’s content solo, finding a group of knowledgeable players will only improve your new player experience. A great way to join up with other users is with the Free Company system, but what does this system entail?

Free Companies are Final Fantasy XIV’s Guild equivalent. Players can create these organizations and join together in a Free Company for various bonuses. Some of the rewards provided to players in Free Companies are:

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  • Access to Company Chests (Shared items, gil, and gear between members)
  • Company Actions (Can boost Gil, EXP gain, MGP gain, and more)
  • Free Company Estates (Shared housing plot for members of the Free Company. Functions as Free Comany HQ)
  • Free Company Chat (Players have a tab where they can message Free Company members at any time)

Creating a Free Company requires players to draft a petition and commission three other players to join as founding members. Players can request to join a Free Company by accessing that company’s profile page, and players can invite others to theirs provided they have the proper permissions.

Joining a Free Company is an excellent way to find a group of players to take on the mountain of Final Fantasy XIV content with, and with such a flourishing player base, players are sure to find a company in no time.

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