To ensure that all is fair during these highly intense Pokémon Unite battles, the game has created a penalty/rewards system to make sure that all of Unite’s Trainers will be reprimanded for not playing fair and rewarded when they do, with a Fair-Play Points system.

In order to get the best results in gameplay stats, all Pokémon Unite Trainers must participate and do their part in each battle they agree to enter. It’s understood that things happen, even after just entering a match and sometimes players have to abandon their teammates or go idle during battles. The game’s Fair-Play Points system is a good way to guarantee that Trainers don’t make this a habit.

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Fair-Play Points Score

Screenshot of Pokemon Unite gameplay

Don’t make it a habit! Keeping a low score of 60-79 will result in players being banned from participating in Ranked Matches and an even lower score of 59 or lower will ban players from Random Matched Standard Battles. Fair-Play Points deducted for these actions that follow.

  • Abandoning a Matchmade Team – One point
  • Idling in Battle (Short-Term) – Two points
  • Idling in Battle (Extended) – Five points
  • Idling in Battle (Malicious) – Eight Points

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When all goes well on the battlefield, a high score of 90-100 will be rewarded with up to five Fair-Play Points a day, along with 20 Aeos Coins. An okay score of 80-89 will not penalize players, but they will not obtain any rewards.

  • Standard Battle CPU Match – One Point
  • Standard Battle Random Match – Two points
  • Ranked Match – Two points

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